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Frequently Asked Questions for Julie's Imprinting services:


What is Foil Imprinting?
Foil imprinting is a process that uses heat and pressure to create a permanent, foil imprint on an item such as an album. Imprinting is a great way to personalize and enhance your scrapbook albums and pages.

How long does imprinting take?
The length of time it takes to imprint an item depends on the amount of text or the graphic to be imprinted and the color of foil. Once the text or graphic is type set, it must be heated to 250 – 300 degrees F. Some foil colors require a higher temperature than others. It can take 15 minutes per imprint to complete this process.

How much does it cost?
See Order Page for pricing details. Imprinting orders will be completed and shipped back to you within 10 to 14 business days of receipt by Julie's Imprinting. Rush orders (shipment within 3 business days) can be accommodated.

What font types and sizes are available for imprinting?
Six font types are available (in various sizes): Cursive (18-, 24- and 36-point fonts);
Block (24- and 36-point fonts); Stellar Bold (36-point font); Flash (24-point font); Engravers Bold (24-point font, CAPS only) and News Gothic (18-point font). Click here to view available font types and sizes.

How many characters of text can be imprinted? How long can a line of text be?
Space is most limited when imprinted horizontally across a spine. As a general rule, there is approximately 2 to 2-1/4 inches available for imprinting horizontally across the spine of a full album (40 or more pages). So, the average number of characters that can be imprinted across an album spine would be as follows:
18 point font - 16 - 21 characters
24 point font - 10 - 13 characters
36 point font - 6 - 8 characters
For imprinting vertically down an album spine or on a front cover, a line of text can be up to 7 inches in length, so the above limitations (typically) do not apply.

What is a graphic stamp and what images are available?
A graphic stamp is an image that can be imprinted on your album or other item. Over 120 graphic
stamps are available in the following categories:
  *Album Borders
  *Baby / Children
  *Love / Wedding
  *Mini Graphics
  *School / Activities
  *Sports / Outdoors
  *Sun / Travel / Vacation
Click here to view available graphic stamps.

What part of the album can be imprinted?
The cover, the back and the spine of most albums can be imprinted.

"Do some albums imprint better than others?"
Yes, I have found many brands to imprint well (including, but not limited to): Album Options, Creative Memories, Colorbok Perfect, Dalee, Die Cuts with a View, Forever Yours, Generations, Kolo Linen & Mrs. Grossman. General rule: tapestry, denim and waxy/vinyl albums do not imprint well.

"How can I personalize an album that does not imprint well?"
Flex Plates are recommended to personalize on tapestry, denim and vinyl albums. A Flex Plate is a thin, flexible, self-adhesive plate available in a variety of sizes in brushed gold or silver. Black foil is used to imprint on flex plates. The pricing for imprinting text or graphics on a flex plate is the same as the pricing for imprinting on an album.

What foil colors are available for imprinting?
Over 35 foil colors (shiny and matte) are available. Most often the foil color for imprinting text and graphic stamps is matched to the album etching foil color (if already imprinted on an album). Many colors are available for white albums. Click here to view available foil colors.

What others items can be imprinted?
In addition to scrapbook albums, Julie’s Imprinting can personalize many other items. These include photos, photo frame mats, napkins, Christmas cards, note cards, stationery and envelopes. Please inquire on my website or in person.

Is your work guaranteed?
Yes, as owner of Julie's Imprinting, I strive to provide the highest quality imprinting possible and take the utmost care in completing each order. My greatest reward is that you are completely satisfied with your order! Although I try my very best to make your album as perfect as possible, an error may occur during the imprinting process. If an error should occur on my part during the imprinting process, I will replace your album (parts) with the exact or similar album and imprint it again for you at no charge.

Please note that some albums do imprint better than others. This may not be considered an error in the imprinting process. If you have a question about the album you would like to have imprinted, please contact Julie's Imprinting before shipping your order.

Any other questions? Please ask!

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