About Julie

My Story

I am Julie Biehl, owner of Julie’s Imprinting. I can remember receiving my first Polaroid camera when I was 12 years old; a Christmas present from my Mom. Since then, I can't remember being without a camera. I love capturing the everyday moments of my family and friends lives in photos and then recapturing them in albums. My favorite part is journaling those moments on the scrapbook page. I jokingly say, “This is how history is rewritten.” These albums are a treasure of memories to my family and will continue to be for years to come.

I started scrapbooking over 25 years ago and have so many scrapbooks on my shelves. Having them all personalized with foil imprinting makes finding what we’re looking for so much easier and gives each album their own unique flair. Every album is like a blank canvas and foil imprinting can really make an album shine!

How It All Began

I first saw how beautifully foil could enhance a scrapbook album as a CM consultant in Michigan. When my family and I moved back to NH in 2000, the seed of starting an imprinting business had already been planted. Over more than two decades, I have personalized thousands of scrapbook albums and paper products using a Kwikprint hot stamping machine. Foil imprinting is the perfect way to enhance an album while identifying the memories inside.


What You Can Expect

When you choose Julie’s Imprinting to personalize your item, you can expect excellent customer service, personal communication, expert advice and professional, quality imprinting. Each order is unique and is given individual attention from the time it is received to the time it is shipped back to you. Please take some time to browse our website. You will find many foil imprinted samples on our Portfolio page. Let us turn your blank canvas into a beautifully foiled keepsake.