Frequently Asked Questions

What is foil imprinting?

Foil imprinting is a process that uses heat and pressure to create a permanent, foil imprint on an item. Imprinting is a great way to personalize and enhance your scrapbook albums and other items, such as photo frame mats, cards and stationery.

How much does imprinting cost?

  • $8.00 per Line of Original Text (words)
  • $4.00 per Exact Repeat Line of Text
  • $6.00 per Regular Graphic or Sheldon Monogram Letter
  • $3.00 per Mini Graphic
  • $4.00 per Pair of Straight, Parallel Lines, imprinted on album spine (Not text / words)
  • $6.00 to $15.00 - Border Graphics: $6 for 1 imprint; $15.00 for 4 imprints (create a border on 12x12 album)

Is a discount offered for multiple albums?

Yes, for each line of text that is imprinted exactly the same on more than one album or spine within the same imprinting order, the cost is just $4.00 per line after the first imprint. The font type and font size must remain the same to be considered an exact repeat line of text.

What font types and font sizes are available for imprinting?

From block to cursive, nine font types are available. Fonts range in size from 18 point to 72 point. Deciding on a font type and font size will depend on factors such as the length of text to be imprinted and the location of the imprinting. View all available fonts on the Products/Fonts Page.

  • Cursive font is available in 18 point, 24 point, and 36 point
  • Block font is available in 24 point and 36 point
  • News Gothic font is only available in 18 point
  • Gothic #2 font is only available in 18 point
  • Stellar Bold font is only available in 36 point
  • Flash font is only available in 24 point
  • Engravers Bold font is only available in 24 point – CAPITAL letters only (no numbers or lower case letters)
  • Style Script font is only available in 72 point
  • Bookman font is only available in 72 point

What is the size of each font type?

Approximate height of the CAPITAL letters of each font size: 18 point - 3/16”h; 24 point - 1/4”h; 36 point - 3/8”h; 72 point - 7/8”h

How many characters can be imprinted horizontally across a spine?

  • 18 point font – approx. 18 to 20 characters
  • 24 point font – approx. 10 to 13 characters (Exception: Engravers Bold – 5 characters max)
  • 36 point font – approx. 6 to 8 characters
  • 72 point font – approx. 1 to 2 characters

These numbers are based on a full album of 40-45 pages or a spine width of approximately 2-1/4 inches. These numbers are for horizontal imprinting only. Imprinting vertically down a spine (like a book) can accommodate up to approx. 7 inches of text. Go to Products/Fonts Page to view Optimal # of Characters pdf, which provides guidelines for all album locations.

Tip: Try typing your text on a computer in these three font sizes (18, 24, 36 point). Then print it out to see which size will fit best on your album cover and/or spine. Times New Roman is a close match to our Block font.

What foil colors are available for imprinting?

A variety of colors are available in shiny, matte and satin foils. Gold and silver are the most commonly used foils, but other colors may be used to compliment the album color. Go to Products/Foils Page to view all foil colors.

What is the size of a graphic: Regular, Mini and Borders?

Graphics in our product line vary, but most regular sized graphics are one size only: 2 inches or less in height. Go to Products/Graphics Page to view all graphics and  specific measurements of each graphic.

Mini sized graphics are approximately 1/2 inch in height.

Border graphics are approximately 9 inches long.

The regular sized graphics are used for imprinting on album covers and spines. Most graphics fit well across an album spine, but some wider graphics may not fit across a spine. The “fit” will depend on the width or thickness of the album. Please keep this in mind when choosing a graphic to imprint on a spine.

Note: A full album of 40-45 pages is approximately 2-1/4 inches thick.

Which album brands provide optimal imprinting results?

There are so many album brands on the market these days that choosing an album that will provide optimal imprinting can be confusing. There are several brands that I have found to provide optimal imprinting results. These brands include (but aren't limited to) Creative Memories, Close To My Heart, Colorbok cloth, Die Cuts with a View, Kolo linen, Paper Studio cloth, Recollections, Westrim, and We R Memory Keepers faux/leather/3Ring. As a general rule, most albums made with tapestry, denim or waxy/coated vinyl materials do not imprint well. Flex plates are recommended for these types of album materials. If you have a question about a specific material or brand of album, please contact Julie's Imprinting before shipping an order.

Can I purchase an album?

Yes! We offer Creative Memories bookcloth coversets in a large variety of colors. These photo-safe bookcloth albums are hand crafted in the USA and feature a strap-hinge binding. Purchase an album coverset and have it personalized with imprinting before it is shipped to you. Album pages are also available for purchase. Go to the  Products/Albums page to view available album colors and pricing.

What part of the album can be imprinted?

The cover and back of most albums can be imprinted. Most album spines that are removable can also be imprinted. Exception: Spines that are too stiff or too thick to lay completely flat cannot be imprinted.

What do you recommend if I have an album that cannot be imprinted?

Sometimes the cover material or construction of an album prohibits optimal imprinting. In these cases, a flex plate is recommended.

What is a Flex Plate?

A Flex Plate is a thin, flexible, self-adhesive plate that can be imprinted and adhered to an album or other flat surface. Flex plates are available in brushed gold or silver and are imprinted with black matte foil. These plates are available in 5 sizes with a thin black border around the edge or custom cut (without a border). Flex Plates are recommended for album surfaces that are too textured (tapestry and denim), too slick (waxy) or too soft (usually vinyl) for consistent, optimal imprinting directly on these albums or surfaces. Note: Flex Plates are only recommended for flat, sturdy surfaces. They are not recommended for removable album spines.

Is there a record of my previous order(s) on file?

Yes, if you have ordered from us in the past, Julie’s Imprinting has a record of your order. If you are unsure what was previously used, please email us for specifics. We will likely compare a new order to your previous order(s). You may be contacted to discuss any differences before imprinting is completed.

Can Julie’s Imprinting match other / previous imprinting?

Julie’s Imprinting may be able to closely match the font type, font size or location of imprinting completed by another imprinter. Placement of imprinting varies from imprinter to imprinter, so please include an imprinted spine and/or cover if you would like us to try to match the imprinting. Photos of previous imprinting may also be helpful.

How do I ship an order?

  • It is highly recommended that album covers or spines be packaged in a plastic bag and shipped inside a box with packing material to secure and protect them.
  • Ship only the parts of the album that are to be imprinted.
  • USPS Priority Mail with Tracking is used for return shipping. This method includes up to $100 of insurance. You may use the shipping method of your choice when shipping your order to Julie’s Imprinting.
  • Mail orders are accepted daily from across the United States and Canada.

What will shipping cost?

We can provide a shipping cost on your order. Please email Julie’s Imprinting with your zip code and the specific number of album covers and / or spines to be shipped. The shipping amount will be based on the estimated weight of your order and USPS Priority Mail shipping rates. If you reside within New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) please use the shipping chart on the order form. If your order exceeds the shipping chart quantities, please contact us.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is approx. 10-14 business days from receipt of order at Julie’s Imprinting. USPS Priority shipping typically adds 1-3 business days to turnaround time for shipping in the US.

Canada Orders: USPS Priority International mail is used and adds approx. 6-10 days to turnaround time.

Note: Turnaround times may vary during peak demand times or for larger than average order size.

What other items can be imprinted?

In addition to albums, Julie’s Imprinting can personalize photo frame mats, cards, stationery, flex plates and more. These items create a personalized gift for any occasion! Contact Julie’s Imprinting for more information.

Do you offer imprinting at scrapbooking events?

I do attend scrapbooking events as a vendor, upon request and availability. I do not provide imprinting on-site, but instead, set up a display of many imprinted samples for participants to view. I offer imprinting expertise to answer any questions and help customers decide on their imprinting setup. All orders placed at an event are completed in my workshop and shipped back directly to the customer upon completion. Please contact Julie's Imprinting to check on availability for your event.

What is your guarantee?

Julie’s Imprinting strives to provide the highest quality imprinting and takes the utmost care in completing each order. As owner, my greatest reward is that you are completely satisfied with your order. Although I try my best to imprint every album perfectly, an error may occur during the imprinting process. If this occurs, your album (or album part) may be replaced with an exact or similar album (or part). If the album is imprinted again, it will be done so at no charge. Please note that some albums do imprint better than others. This may not necessarily be considered an error in the imprinting process.

Other questions?

Please feel free to contact us if your question has not been answered here.